Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Extension of Provincial/Territorial Health Insurance Plan

Did you know that your provincial or territorial health insurance plan expires if you're away from home province/territory for a few months?

If you apply for extension, upon your return, there will be no interruption to your insured status with your provincial/territorial health insurance plan.

In other words, if expired, you'll need to re-apply and wait for health care plan about 3 months until coverage begins.

Each province and territory set different rules.  In most cases, absence exceeding 90 days is advised to report to provincial and territorial health authorities. Applying for extension should be done before you leave your home province/territory.
More information about how to retain your eligibility is available on website listed below.

And, do not forget about purchasing Travel Insurance. As the government points out, your provincial or territorial health insurance covers very little for medical expenses incurred outside of Canada.

Questions about Travel Insurance?  Contact us: Bridges International Insurance Services.

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